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Security Tips

Protect yourself from chips hacker

To protect your chips from hackers, you must take proactive stand on a daily basis. Here are some tips for you, so take steps to protectyourself.

  1. Keep your password safe and secure at all times.
  2. Grand Poker would not ask for your Facebook password. Grand Poker will only ask for your Facebook user ID for supporting.
  3. Beware of suspicious Facebook accounts and websites that impersonate Grand Poker.
  4. Always access Grand Poker game site by typing the correct address: and add Grand Poker to your Facebook.
  5. Do not download or use executable programs from suspicious accounts.
  6. Beware of promotional scams where you are asked to provide your personal information.

If you think you have been hacked, please report to our customer service team by email and change your Facebook password immediately.